• "Jag gick i gruppen Mastermind 2020 när jag precis skulle bli mamma för första gången och skulle axla både mammarollen och företagarrollen samtidigt. Med hjälp av övningarna kunde jag lättare se vad som var viktigt för mig i år och vad som inte var det, och prioritera därefter. Trots att vi som deltagarna i Mastermind-gruppen var på helt olika ställen i livet kunde vi hjälpa varandra att utvecklas och få nya perspektiv på de frågor vi gick och bar på."

    Matilda Bergkvist Mångfaldskonsult och grundare av konsultbyrån Includer
  • "Jag har gått gruppen Mastermind 2020 och tyckt det var mycket bra och givande. Jag har gjort mål och skapat en tydlig bild av vad jag vill, vilket jag inte tror jag skulle gjort annars och jag har fått bekräftat sådant som jag tidigare känt och funderat på. Gruppstödet har varit värdefullt och det har varit effektivt med "läxor" mellan gångerna. Jag tycker att Mastermind passar alla, även de som anser att de inte har tid. Det är ett smart och effektivt upplägg. Man blir positivt överraskad hur mycket det ger att svara på frågor och dela med sig och det ger en extra dimension att arbeta med sig själv i en grupp."

    Lena Hellberg Utredare i staten
  • "Sati is a pure source of wisdom! She is not only an incredible knowledgeable and skillful coach, but she also has such fine antennas and emotional intelligence to find the right approach for any client in record time. That being said, you´ll guaranteed make great progress under her guidance. She is such a warm and loving person who holds space for you – and as cherry on the cake – I always had a good laugh with her, too. Thanks so much Sati!"

    Julia Schuchardt Marketing Manager
  • "After 20 years of therapy and personal development, I thought I knew who I was. But Sati has shown me that I have much more to explore, understand and experience. With great acuity, presence and proficiency she challenges my fears and patterns of insecurity so that I can find new pieces of myself which leads me to live my life with greater freedom. I am unmeasurably thankful that our fine and challenging sessions have given me a whole new experience of life."

    Anders Wiman Entrepreneur and businessowner
  • "Med Sati som coach fick jag den mix av omsorg och utmaning, som jag behövde – kände mig sedd, uppskattad och stärkt – och har med mig användbara pärlor och byggstenar in i oändligt många dimensioner av mitt liv framöver. Båda privat och professionellt."

    Mette Anthonsen Coach (PCC), egenföretagare och karriärvägledare
  • "Twenty years ago, when I was a stressed out municipal employee, I met Sati. As a yogateacher she then helped me to stop and listen inward. I found power and creativity which lead to me starting my own company. A few years later, when life challenged me, Coach Sati showed me new tools to understand and develop myself. When life hands you lemons Sati is a clear, empathetic and unsentimental guide who gives energy to do what is necessary. Also when life is sunny Sati is a wonderful coach and lifeteacher. She does not pat your back but helps you untangle the knots for which I am ever thankful."

    Katharina Prager Consult and teacher
  • "I can greatly recommend Sati as a coach, she has helped me in a wonderful way! Her extensive competence is unusual and she uses it, like a CSI, to find her way to the core of the problem. Her closeness to laughter and ability to work with focus and seriousness makes working with her both meaningful and fun! I am much more confident because of the help I have got."

    Maja Stenram Teacher and musician
  • "The coaching with Sati made me verbalize both my personal and professional processes and to distinguish between the both of them. That distinction, together with a greater understanding of my strengths and needs, has led to more calmness and clarity for me as a person. This has greatly amplified my ability do deliver professionally!"

    Charlotte Signahl Speaker and entrepreneur
  • "The coaching with Sati started out as a contact to help me with problems with my exwife. But it has since then become something that is about me and for me"

    Anders L Entrepreneur
  • "Jag rekommenderar Sati för dig oavsett vilken fas du befinner dig i just nu i livet. Med hennes klarsynthet, pålästhet och genuina passion för att bidra till din personliga utveckling, kommer hon både utmana dig samtidigt som hon skapar en trygg miljö där du kan vara öppen och sårbar. Du kan lita på att du kommer att utvecklas utifrån hennes coachning och när du är färdig ha ett mer expanderat perspektiv på livet."

    Karl Borell Läkarstudent
  • "I warmly recommend coaching with Sati. She sees the big picture, dares to ask challenging questions that makes you think and find better and deeper insights. Sati has a holistic view of people that comes from her different fields of knowledge. This has been very good for me and my own challenges in both body and mind."

    Anna Milenkoviç Businessdeveloper
  • ”When I started preparing for wedding and family I began to realise that something was ”eating” me. There was this knot inside of me from the past and I was also under tremendous stress att work. I kept procrastinating finding a solution until I had the opportunity to have a (try-out) session with Sati. I committed to the full coaching programme and it’s the best decision that I could ever have made for myself and my family. Already in the first session we were touching both the knot and the stress, and without understanding how, I was obtaining tools, thoughts and systems for helping me work through them both. It was an amazing experience to be part of.”

    Emma W PhD
  • "Being a businessowner is being a jack of all trades. Sometimes not all pieces of the puzzle fits together in the way you wish and it was during such a time that I came in contact with Sati. She has helped me move along with my business through her great knowledge and understanding about running companies. That, together with her coachingcompetence becomes very effective. She makes me become concious of and uplift my difficulties and find onward paths."

    Lena Jöhnemark Coach and consultant
  • "In Sati's coaching I am reminded of and always guided back to my powerzone, where I make the best decisions for myself. Sati is always adaptable in her coaching, she accommodates and raises the bar so that I grow and develop all the time. The sessions are rewarding and held in a dialogue where the tone is friendly, intelligent and occasionally humoristic. This stimulates my intellect and heart in an expansive way. I can really recommend Sati as a coach!"

    Åsa Borell Nurse

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