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This is what I do now, after a life full of personal development. My own personal development started at an early age with a decision - that I would always move through my fears! More than 40 years later I have a life where I am deeply happy and fulfilled, and an occupation that I love!

My path and my choices have not always been easy and sometimes I have felt like I have had to experience all possible difficulties in this world to get me to where I am today. I lost my mother at an young age, was deeply depressed as a teenager and went through some years when alcohol, drugs and promiscuous behavior dominated my life. Just before I turned 22 I experienced something that I later came to see as a spiritual awakening. That incident helped me to let go of my destructive way of living, moved me to therapy and daily meditations.

My adult life has been filled by travels to all the continents of the world (except Australia) and a large amount of courses and workshops with great teachers. On top of that I am an avid reader. I average around 100 books per year most of them in the "personal development" sector. Yes, you may call me a nerd, and since I am, I always continue to expand my knowledge through both my own experiences and new discoveries.

När jag var 30 började jag undervisa i yoga. Jag fick snabbt en trogen och uppskattande kundkrets och kunde efter några år släppa mitt arbete som sjuksköterska och arbeta heltid som yogalärare och egen företagare. Efter yogaklassen var det alltid en stunds samtal för dem som hade frågor. Ofta var det någon som ville prata med mig mer privat och tyckte att de blev hjälpta av de samtalen fast jag inte tyckte att jag ”gjorde” något annat än att lyssna. Funderingar kring vad det var jag gjorde ledde till att jag gick en utbildning i psykoterapi (steg 1) och sedan även en till coach. Och det var i coachingen jag riktigt hittade hem!

2006, after two children and a severe backinjury, I decided to let go of teaching yoga and instead build the core of my business around coaching. First I found my coachees in my yoganetwork, but as the years have passed my audience has become mainly creative businesspeople and leaders in particular.

You can read more about how I work now HERE (link).

Curriculum Vitae

Om Sati

Lots of courses, travels, and many many deep personal experiences and breakthroughs are hard to capture on paper but here below is my Swedish CV:

Sati’s CV (länk)