Let me be honest - coaching with me is not for everyone! It is for you who have made a decision that it stops here. It is for you when you are sure that the situation you have gotten into is possible to solve, you just don't know how - yet! You should come to coaching with Sati when you want Masterful Coaching to help you on your way.

Whether it is more success for you in your private life or in your business, reaching your goals or clearing out obstacles, I can help. If you have the willingness and are prepared to do what is needed!

You should consider me as your coach if you want someone with you on the journey that does not only hold you responsible for reaching your goals, but also looks beyond the obstacles and challenges you to transform your difficulties to strengths! Then you can reach an exceptional level of life!

Focus for coaching - from earlier clients

During the years that I have worked, my clients have focused on and transformed:

  • finding your true desire and vision
  • dissolving a conflict with an important person
  • feeling free after a difficult relationship or divorce
  • Finding the solution to an inner conflict inre konflikt
  • realizing creative dreams and visions
  • finding your place in life or business
  • moving past mourning, illness or death
  • becoming more clear on existential issues
  • att få klart saker som man länge sagt att man ”borde”
  • creating an exceptionally fulfilling life with the perfect content
  • Identifying and removing mental as well as real obstacles
  • creating larger economic results privately and in business
  • starting a company from scratch, or making a successful restart
  • learning to better handle ones emotions

What would YOUR life and business look like if you had given yourself one of the above?

CoachingCreate success!

What would YOU like to accomplish that has yet to be done?

I have helped clients to successful startups, and restarting again after a timeout or a crisis. Other clients have reached new heights by daring to realize something that they have dreamed of, reached their business goals or resolved conflicts in their personal relationships and by that gained greater inner peace.

The coaching conversation is designed to create success in all aspects of your life and it helps hold you accountable for the things that your set yourself up to do.

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CoachingPersonal development!

Det kan låta som en kliché men när du börjar arbeta med dig själv så förändras saker och ting på ett nästan magiskt sätt runt omkring dig! Jag har vid ett flertal tillfällen fått frågan från klienter om jag möjligtvis varit i kontakt med deras partner – för de har plötsligt blivit ”mycket bättre/snällare/enklare att vara med sedan de började i coaching hos mig! (Och nej, jag har inte för vana att prata med någon om mina klienters coaching!)

Good personal development helps you understand things so that change becomes easy. When your mind has shifted into a new perspective of things then your behavior will follow, sometimes without effort.

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Find your way out of the crisis!

Many of my clients come to me when they are in some type of crisis. It can be a major or a minor crisis, what they have in common is that they have reached a point where they say - it's enough! Divorces and separations, exhaustion and illnesses or just a strong feeling of things not going like they would like them to go is something my clients have in common.

I have long and deep experience of working with people in different forms and phases of crisis. So I can confidently say that what you save by consulting me is time - resolving a crisis takes much shorter time when I get to be your coach - since I am unique with my tripple competences! CV)

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Who are my clients?

  • Businessleaders with <10 employees
  • Coaches and small business owners
  • Speakers
  • Artists and musicians
  • Politicians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers and leaders
  • Private individuals
  • Young adults (sponsored)

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