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Det är jag som är Sati, trevligt att träffas! Jag är ICF Master Certifierad Coach MCC, yogalärare och leg. sjuksköterska med psykoterapiutbildning (steg 1).
For over twenty years and in more than 10.000 clientsessions, I have worked with individuals and businesses that want to move their lives and results to a different position.

Is some aspect of your life or business not working as well as you would like it? Maybe it's really stuck? No problem! I will help you look into it, understand and quickly transform even really sticky situations!

I offer individual coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision online and I work with larger companies when I am asked. All I do is about you, what you want and need - I am here to help you forward and onward!

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • "Sati is a pure source of wisdom! She is not only an incredible knowledgeable and skillful coach, but she also has such fine antennas and emotional intelligence to find the right approach for any client in record time. That being said, you'll guaranteed make great progress under her guidance. She is such a warm and loving person who holds space for you – and as cherry on the cake – I always had a good laugh with her, too."

    Julia Schuchardt Marketing Manager
  • "The coaching with Sati made me verbalize both my personal and professional processes and to distinguish between the both of them. That distinction, together with a greater understanding of my strengths and needs, has led to more calmness and clarity for me as a person. This has greatly amplified my ability do deliver professionally!"

    Charlotte Signahl Speaker and entrepreneur

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